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Hi, my name is David… and I am an arts advocate.

Okay, that’s a bit of a cop-out and a very old joke. Back in high school, that was how the arts director introduced herself during her obligatory speech during every event. It was quite a joke for a while by those of us in the band and choir, and I’ve never quite forgotten. It’s strange the things that stay with you, and the things that you can forget.

But enough philosophy for now. And not much more introduction than that. :p

I am many things – engaged, a video gamer, a fan of anime, a fan of Japanese music, a collector (in both the sense that I collect many things, and that I have a habit of having too much of them), and much more. How much of this will show through as I work to rebuild this site in WordPress… I can’t quite say yet. Depends on how well I can figure out the software to get it to do what I want. But I will find some way to get my cel gallery up here at minimum, as I do care for my collection still even though it’s been ages since I bought any new cels. The rest of my collections would definitely have a lower priority.

I haven’t had a real ‘place’ on the internet for myself in some time, as I’ve lacked the effort to make the time to create and upkeep an actual place for myself. Sure, LJ and Facebook have been how I’ve kept in touch with some friends, but they’re not that personal. Not really, anyway.

I’m not sure what this will all turn out to be, but let’s see what develops, eh?

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